Tenacta Group is an Italian industrial set-up with over 350 employees, encompassing brand leaders that all have the same mission: to develop technological and design innovations to improve people's quality of life.

It's precisely the individual person who's the hub of every Tenacta Group project, around which three strategic reference areas are created: Beauty - a complete range of hair styling tools to accentuate the beauty of every woman, Home - dedicated to small electrical appliances that make our daily lives easier, and Wellness - a range of products focusing on personal well-being.

The Group oversees these three areas via its brand leaders in each category: Imetec for Home and Wellness, and Bellissima for Beauty. For the Wellness category, there are also the brands Daga in Spain and Dreamland in the UK, along with Aspen for the electro-medical segment in Argentina.

Not forgetting the espresso coffee brand dedicated to the professional sector - Caffè del Caravaggio - which aims to offer the consumer the flavour and quality of real Italian coffee.

Thanks to constant investment in technological innovation, marketing and communication, the various brands occupy significant positions in their respective markets, both in Italy and abroad.

Tenacta Group is now present in 35 countries in Europe, Latin America, Asia, Russia, Australia and North America.


Tenacta Group was founded in 2007, but its roots date back to 1973 when Imetec was created. This brand, which has become part of the Italian way of life, made its entry on the market with Scaldasonno - a totally innovative product for warming the bed that would mark the company's destiny and represent an unprecedented breakthrough.

In 1985 the field of action was widened; the same philosophy was extended to small domestic appliances as well. The first hair styling tools were created, along with devices for the kitchen, for ironing and for cleaning the home. Innovation, technology, quality and simplification are the characteristics that helped make these articles successful and established Imetec as a leader in its category in Italy.

From 1993, the company launched a strategy of internationalisation and expansion beyond the national borders. This took shape with the setting up of the first foreign branch, Imetec UK Ltd, which in 2002 took over Dreamland - a historic brand leader in the bed warmer sector in the UK.


2005 saw the beginning of a new focus on the beauty segment - an international project aimed at accentuating women's beauty. The brand Bellissima was established as a complete range of hair styling tools that combine performance, design and technology to take Italian style and elegance out into the world.

In 2007, Imetec changed name to become Tenacta Group SpA, and also launched Caffè del Caravaggio - a new brand of espresso coffee dedicated to the professional market.

The Spanish branch, Tenacta SL, was set up in the same year, to extend the presence of Bellissima in Spain's hair care sector.

The 2010 takeover of Aspen (a leading company in the medical field) in Argentina laid the foundations for the Group's development in South America.

In the following years, Tenacta Group reinforced its internationalisation strategy by opening a Russian branch in 2013 and gradually establishing itself in 35 countries in Europe, Latin America, Asia, Australia and North America.

In 2022 it continued its worldwide expansion with the founding of Tenacta SAS in France and new branches in the USA and Australia for the Bellissima range.

In the same year, in Spain, Tenacta Group purchased Daga (a well-known producer of heating pads and electric blankets), bringing innovation and technology to the brand and aiding its repositioning on the market by widening its product range.